June 27, 2008

Our Fair Share - CSA Week #7

You may be asking why I didn't post the contents of last week's share. Well you see, last week Rob and I completely forgot to pick up our share on Wednesday night. We weren't doing anything special, and we weren't particularly busy, but we spaced. Sara and Jamie, the sisters (as in the related kind, not the religious kind) who run the CSA, were great about it and I arranged to come down to the main building to pick up our share the next day. They were fun, laid back, flexible with trading items we didn't need for something we truly wanted, and shared a couple of sources for zucchini recipes. After meeting Sara and Jamie, I'm even happier with our CCSA choice. Does that explain why I didn't post the contents? Nope. I guess I'll have to leave you hanging.

So what did we get in this week's share?

Brick City Gardens - Lettuce (3 small heads)
Daniel Gooding Farm - Sour Cherries
Herbs En Route - Chives
Kimker Hill Farm - Whole Grain Pizza Dough Mix, 1 lb
Lee Farms - Cucumbers, Yellow Squash & Zucchini
Ozark Forest Mushrooms- Mushroom Mix (mostly oyster with a couple of shitakes)
Pilgrims Acres- One Dozen Eggs
Ropp Jersey Cheese- Tomato Basil Garlic Cheddar
Seven Thunder Bison- Ground Bison, 1 lb
??? - Red Beets with Greens Attached

We also swapped a pound of Kimker Hill Oat Flour for what would have been the fifth "bear" of honey in our pantry. I use honey in baking recipes, batches of home made granola and on PB&H sandwiches, but we can't seem to tear through it quickly enough to keep up with the incoming supply.

I could probably also have swapped out the beets, since Rob doesn't like them, but I'm taking it as a challenge to find something that he does like beets in. Suggestions are welcome.

I was unsure about the sour cherries, since there aren't quite enough to make a full crumble or pie. So tonight I plan to make a sour cherry syrup, which apparently makes a tasty beverage when combined with lemonade and sparkling water.


Matt Eliseo said...

Have you tried that standard of roasting the beets with the skin on? Then rubbing the skin off with a towel while they are still hot, and finally, tossing with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a touch of vinegar? They greens are excellent sauteed with garlic. Along with some kind of meat or grain, it makes an excellent meal. I know it's the standard on what to do with beets, but it might be worth another try.

We always hated beets until we started getting them from the market. It was a whole new world for us. I think Melinda has a blog post about this.

Chile said...

Have you tried making beet chocolate cake? The recipe can be found on the Fatfree Vegan Kitchen blog.

Lori said...

Okay, I'm trying the roasted beets tonight, while Rob's out of town. Thanks for the advice!

Ooh, another cake with hidden veggies. I love to bake, so I might try that one. Thanks!