June 15, 2008

One Local Summer

+ free range, all natural eggs from our CSA share
+ plain bagel from our CSA share
+ methuzela cheese from our CSA share
+ Mississippi mud coffee from our CSA share (locally roasted)
+ chives bought last week at the farmers' market
+ hothouse tomato (salmonella free!) bought yesterday at the farmers' market

Bagel draped with melted methuzela cheese and topped with a halved 2-egg chive omelette, served with a side of tomato slices and washed down with fresh-brewed iced coffee liberally dosed with hormone- and antibiotic- free 2% milk.


Green Bean said...

Looks awesome. Don't you just love that you can buy all the farmers market tomatoes you want and not have to wory about salmonella or other scary stuff?

Joy said...


I picked up Quizno's for lunch one day last week when I needed to feed the hungry teenager who was helping with our yardwork. Quizno's isn't serving tomatoes right now, so I swung by the farmers market on the way home to get a safe tomato to put on our sandwiches. I loved that!

Chile said...

Lori, how are you doing with keeping to the vegetarian lunches? You can check in for the challenge here.

Lori said...

Yep, I'm definitely glad we don't have to make do with tomato-less meals. Can't wait until I can pick them from the back yard, but for now the farmers markets are a great help.

Thanks for the comment. Something about the idea of swinging by the farmer's market to grab a bonus topping for a fast food meal made me chuckle out loud.

Ever since you wrote a warning on your page, I knew my days were numbered. I've been away from a computer all day, but plan on posting about how the challenge is going at some point tomorrow. Really. :D