June 12, 2008

Our Fair Share - CSA Week #5

Sorry I missed last week - our CSA has several different pick-up locations and times, and last week's shares somehow got jumbled in the distribution process. I'm not sure where everything came from, but I do know that we received cheese, blue corn tortillas, greens, an herb bundle, black beans, and a bunch of other good stuff.

This week's share includes:

Random thoughts about this week's share:
Seems like a good early-summer balance between green stuff and other. Apparently lots of other members traded their trout in for other meat, so we didn't have to opportunity to purchase extra meat this week. The pecans will be great in my next batch of homemade granola, then I'll freeze the rest for later. Who knows, maybe I'll use some of the flour and a zucchini or two to make bread...The cheese spread is tasty (had some on an everything bagel for breakfast this morning), but I'm slightly disappointed that it has MSG listed as an ingredient. Rob and I are both intrigued by the garlic scapes and can't wait to figure out what they're best in.


Matt Eliseo said...

Oddly enough, just last weekend, friends of ours were talking about garlic scapes. I had/have no idea what to do with them. None of my Italian cookbooks have anything to say on the subject. Which is strange since garlic plays such a big role over there.

It seems that most sites on the internet suggest making a pesto. I think our friends just sauteed them. It sounds like you can't go wrong either way.

kale for sale said...

I bought garlic scapes at the market twice this year. I've never seen them before this year. The first time they were curly and the farmer said to saute them (they are still in the fridge though). Last week I found some with straight stems that I put in a vase and they are beautifully blooming. This last batch I'm enjoying far too much to ever eat. I hope you write about how you end up cooking them.

Lori said...

Friends of ours recently chopped them and used them in the base of a red pasta sauce, and had great things to say. We may use them that way...or not.

Ours are curly, as are the scapes we saw at the farmers market yesterday. I can imagine the straight ones making for a nice arrangement - I'll keep an eye out for them. And I do plan on posting about whatever we decide to do with the scapes...