May 13, 2008

Growing Challenge Update #2

Today, there's another small break in the madness that is my life, so here is a modest installment in my long-overdue Growing Challenge Update...

What am I growing for the challenge?
My seed list for the Growing Challenge includes:

beans: Henderson's Black Valentine, Royalty Purple Pod
carrots: Atomic Red, Amarillo
cucumber: Lemon Cucumber (freebie)
greens: Mesclun & Lettuce Mix (Southern Exposure), Tom Thumb
herbs: Chives, Parsley, Sweet Basil
onions: Dry Bulb, White Bunching (both from Southern Exposure)
squash, summer: Odessa, Early Prolific Straightneck
squash, winter: Table Bush Queen
radish: Long Scarlet, Early Scarlet Globe
tomato: Sub-Arctic Plenty, Marmande, Moneymaker (freebie)

All of the seeds came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds unless noted above. Even though they're not included in the challenge, I'm also planting Sunflowers, Dianthus, Nasturtiums, Marigolds, Midwest Wildflower Mix, and Sweet Alyssum from seed as well. Most of these are companion plants to attract good insects or repel pests. The sunflowers are a part of The Great Sunflower Project, so I'll be keeping an eye on those to see if we have any apian visitors. The wildflower mix is intended to fill a large bare patch in the back yard we're not ready to deal with yet. I'm also hoping that planting tender yummy wildflowers at the east end of the yard will distract the many marauding bunnies from the vegetable garden at the west end of the yard. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed about that one, and I have a small roll of 24" high fencing I think I may install shortly after I plant the raised bed.

For My Next Post: What's the Plan? How is it Going? (and yes, I will include pictures...)

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