May 21, 2008

Before....and after

We planted two iris bulbs the first fall we moved in, and haven't had more than greenery to show for it until now. One decided to bloom this year, and looked like this on Sunday.

When I came home from work on Monday, it had transformed into this.

I love little surprises!

Other blooming things from our garden are a tiny lilac we planted last year...

...and a wiegela.


Joyce said...

My irises are out today, too. I got them from my sister's yard two years ago and they are blooming for the first time. I guess they like to "settle in".

Lori said...

Yep, it seems they do need time to get used to their new environment. I'm glad I waited until the second year, because I did consider digging the bulbs up and replacing them with something else. Now I'm hoping to plant "friends" for these bulbs in the fall so that I can enjoy even more beautiful least in a year of two. :)

Tom B said...

It looks like Iris virginicus or Blue flag iris.
I'm looking for bulbs to plant in Deer Creek at "Rocket Ship Park" with the River des Peres Watershed Coalition- Missouri Stream Team. But if your sand just got flowers, it isn't likly its ready to divide yet. Bloom time is about 6 years from planting, if I remember right.

Nice blog. I hope to move toward a more sustainable life just as soon as I get rid of some of my nastier habits, like driving everyday.