July 16, 2008

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet!

I haven't posted in just over two weeks, and it feels like it's been even longer. Hopefully you haven't missed me too much. Like many bloggers I know, I've been struggling to find that delicate balance between work, home life, and blogging, and for the past couple of weeks I've allowed work and home to win that battle. We're making a lot of changes for the better at home, and I've pushed my office to take a huge step toward sustainability starting next year, so I've had plenty to do around here without blogging.

It doesn't help that I've made blogging somewhat difficult for myself. In my roughly three months of blogging, I've signed up to participate in no less than seven challenges, including my sister's
growing challenge , green bean dreams' bookworm challenge (parts 1 and 2), chile chews' quit now challenge (parts 1 and 2), 'burban mom's weekly challenges on going green , and farm to philly's one local summer challenge. Five of these are active right now, and I have to admit that at this point I just can't keep up with reading others' blogs, keeping up the garden, working on the various challenges, and writing about them. I just don't have enough hours in the day to get all that done.

So my apologies to the inspirational organizers of these great challenges, but I'm officially dropping out of one local summer and the bookworm events for now. Rest assured that I'm still eating about 50% local food, with a goal of bumping that up to 85% before long. I'm also reading books from green bean's list - I've finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and Omnivore's Dilemma, and am reading Living Like Ed right now. But for now, I won't be posting weekly updates about local meals or writing up book reports. I hope you understand...

I promise updates on my various projects and the remaining challenges soon.


Matt Eliseo said...

Funny. Yesterday, I was just thinking about what happened to you! Glad your back. See you in a couple weeks when you come to Seattle!


Chile said...

Glad to see you posting, but certainly understand the need for balance. I only have two more things to say:

Thank goodness for gravity! (It kept you from really falling off the face of the planet.)


You can't do it all? Well, Lori, just remember that sleep is highly overrated. We expect you to give up a few hours, or the whole night if necessary, to write your blog posts! ;-)

Lori said...

I'm looking forward to the visit and seeing your new digs! I'm sure the garden at mom's is a sight to be seen. Especially with the upcoming construction projects.

You clearly haven't met me when I'm lacking in the sleep department. You'd never want to meet me again...And yes, I do appreciate gravity - wouldn't want to be swept away into space, after all. :D